About Us

The Secret Of Our Success

Keeping track of your employee records can be daunting and frustrating. If you don’t do it well, you could be putting your employees and your business at risk. Like you, we’ve spent countless hours searching for the right spreadsheet, chasing managers for missing information, and dealing with grumpy employees who just want to get on with their jobs.

Most employee management solutions we looked at were complicated, expensive and overwhelming, so we made the decision to leave the “corporate” world to build Engage; an application that is easy to use, that can cut employee related administration time by over 50%. A solution that is cost effective, requires little training to get up and running and that lets you know everything you need to know when you need to know it. Our team mantra at Engage is simplicity and common sense. Every aspect we design and build must be simple to use and add absolute value. We really believe we’ve built something special. I hope the solution we found to fix our problems can help your business as well.