Purchase and allocate uniform directly against your employee according to their role.


Ensure your employees qualifications are current and applicable to the role they perform.


Use employee data to dynamically create rosters with rules set up to ensure health and safety compliance.


Assign assets to employees and be able to track and maintain when required.

Enrich Your Health & Safety Plan

Manage uniforms, equipment and training with one allocation and ordering system

The Engage Health and Safety Employee Management application allows you to manage purchasing and allocation of uniforms, assets and training at an individual employee level – ensuring that the employee has the right uniform, safety gear, equipment and training for the role that they do.

The key to effective health and safety management is engagement with your people which is why employees can have role based access to the application so they are engaged in their own safety. Sharing health and safety information with workers keeps them well-involved and allows them to have their say.

Engaged and valued workers make for a better business, and everyone needs to do more to ensure we come home from work safely every day.

Not only is good health and safety the right thing to do, it makes good business sense.


Data is held securely in the cloud making it accessible to both employer and employee from any location.


Engage is available and functions on any device including desktop, tablet and phone giving users flexibility that suits them.



Supreme data consistency means that there is one reliable source of information for all users with a strong objective open line of communication and reporting.


Permission levels can be set for varying levels of application access. Order approval permissions can be customised to your business rules.

Be Proactive with Health and Safety

Tools to remain compliant and proactive


  • Define staff requirements by role.
  • Order uniforms and equipment from multiple vendors.
  • Track orders for new staff or replacement items.


  • Secure, easy to use fully auditable solution.
  • Customisable purchase order approval hierarchy.
  • All actions logged allowing complete traceability.


  • Automatic alerts for over and under ordering.
  • PPE and asset maintenance and renewal reminders.
  • Timely replenishment notifications.


  • Uniforms and training consistency and compliance at role level.
  • Data visibility at management and employee level.
  • Encourages employee ownership of health and safety practices.

Built to suit your business

Flexible ways of accessing the application


The Engage ERM is powerful as a standalone system, however adding a level of integration to other existing ERP or HR systems reduces duplication of effort.

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About Us

Here at Engage we have a simple mission: we want to make sure people are fully kitted out and trained for the job they do and we want to make sure they get home safely at the end of the day.

Here at Engage, we are passionate about health and safety and want to ensure all employees are engaged with their Health and Safety profile.

Our team is made up of professionals with many years’ experience in e-procurement, e-commerce and Health & Safety. These skills are brought together to deliver a solution that is simple to use and that addresses many pain points felt by managers and employees alike when it comes ensuring correct uniform and PPE is provided and maintained and the right training takes place in a timely manner.

Engaged workers are productive workers, and organisations with a good health and safety culture are valued by both workers and stakeholders. We strive to provide a better world where health and safety best practices are simple, achievable, and proactively engaged.

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