Employee Bio

The Employee Profile

Based on role, as a new employee is onboarded into your company, the solution automatically ensures they have everything they need to do their job safely and well.


The employee profile holds all employee data and ensures the employee is allocated the correct training, the correct documentation and the correct uniform requirements for their role.


Based on role and location, employees have access to required documentation including policies and procedures. Tracking facilities ensures documentation is read and actioned in a timely manner.

Full visibility

Both employees and managers have access to the employee profile information ensuring there are no misunderstandings; that all training plans are actioned, that uniform is allocated and feedback is followed up.


No matter how many companies, branches and locations you have, Engage provides real time visibility of what is happening in your organisation ensuring all staff have full access to what they need to do their job safely and well.

One Source of Truth

Hold all your employee data in one place. Share the data with your employees ensuring it is always correct and up to date.

Easy access for managers and employees

Whether its via the web or through our mobile app, employees can quickly access their profile; their training records, health and safety functions and all documention ensuring they stay safe at all times.